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2014 Hot Sale American multinational electricity supplier Amazon s success is to let them think that the whole category must be a way out.Among them, clothing apparel , shoes, childrens clothing , bags , bedding , furniture , toys, merchandise participate live no less than 90%.Traditional luxury for consumers a unique lofty superiorityThe new luxury doctrine is a new form of mass (MASS) and prestige (PRESTIGE) interposed between , which is broken out between a mass market consumer goods and luxury goods , it has a special name - MASSTIGE, parity luxury." Lindsey told reporters , but from the New Year s sales , this year before the Spring Festival, inventory digestion is definitely endless ."Shopping center " of promoting change in the retail industry , Forced to diversify the department store format , multi-format development.In accordance with usual practice, the major shopping discounts point in time is generally concentrated in the holidays , but this year ahead of many traditional department stores open play "promotion battle .

parajumpers down jackets From participating in the category view, Arima s merchandise from clothing , jewelry , watches , cosmetics, home appliances, digital and other categories are involved in the promotion.Therefore, China is in the early stages of innovation , but innovation is inseparable from the Chinese dream , the future of China two decades , China innovative mechanisms in the formation of human resources , culture and innovation.In this fast power -friendly environment , "fast fashion " brand would be more likely to adapt.

9 percent , but the number of customers in the same period has declined , indicating that people just buy more stuff , rather than to attract more customers , which in the department store industry is called conversion rate (CONVERSIONRATE), unless Penney to attract new customers come in, the transition to be successful , otherwise no hope .On the counter and " traveler " these magazines , it seems that the owner is also a travel enthusiast.1% over last year , the growth rate here , in 2015 , we expect to more than 32 trillion . Meanwhile , as the CEO of HM said : "We are not a fashion leader, we are followers of fashion .

2014 New In case of multiple prices during that time period , then the lowest of which is the benchmark price discount ." No dazzling stage and well-known host, enjoy the show only a few dancers dancing in the show window of jewelry , but actually received more than set the stage for greater repercussions.According to reports, the Ordos launched this "noble underwear " price 48,888 yuan , can only see not allowed to touch .I think that if a company is to grasp the rhythm of their footsteps in 2009 , is basically a success.COM) online and track the development of type , three-dimensional entities + network operators , industry + integrated combination of regional business model, calendar a long wait , U.

" Currently entity department is also actively trying to work with large Internet companies, through the analysis of large data on customers , good precision marketing , providing goods and services targeted for the different needs of different customers , precise alignment, seeking to line off the assembly line the integration of contrarian breakthrough . 2014 New Experts have estimated that last year Chinas online shopping market transactions is expected to reach 1 trillion yuan , of which only in the third quarter of 2012 , deal size has reached 284.It can be seen when visiting Erdos control more than 60% of the world s cashmere resources , at present, production and marketing capabilities of their home cashmere products to more than 30% of China s 40 percent and the world, in 2007 the 1436 brand , is certain media as China the first true luxury brand market had broken million single-store monthly sales results .